Clicker Gundog, By Helen Philips

Learning about Dogs

Clicker Gundog, By Helen Philips
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Clicker Gundogs  by Helen Philips

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1. Introduction

2. Foundation Training
- introduction to the gun
- recall for puppies
- target hand
-elastic racall
- sit in front
-positioning the dog
-chin to hand target
-shaking on the cue
-working at distance
-the drop
-the stop
-left and right

3. Control training
-capturing scent
-teaching the dog to focus on you
-squeal, means join me
-measurinhg fitness and exitement
-testing control against environment
-using targethand to measure control
-using caged bird to develop self-control and stimulus control
-down stay
-sit stay
-loose lead walking
-using food to teach self control
-park the dog
-walking free

4. Hunt training
-introducing the dog to game
-catch up game
-experiencing the moment
-wing hunting game
-hunting 'go-find"
-hunting placed food
-using cold game or scented dummie
-strengthening the point with a wing
-strengthening the point with a caged bird
-flushing on cue
-drop to flush
-estabelishing the quartering distance

5. Retrieve training
-retrieve assessment
-sit and mark
-marking from a shot
-collection and delivery
-generalise dummies and game
-adding the cues
-more shaping on the pick-up
-change to hand
-which way to deliver
-the complete chain
-directed retrieve
-blind retrieve
-retrieve from water
-retrieve over jump

6. Ready for the Shoot

Het boek omvat 6 hoofdstukken die allemaal bestaan uit kleinere hoofdstukjes.
Werkelijk alles staat omschreven, en is uitgebeeld met foto's, schema's of tekeningen.