Pinewood® Dog Sport Shoulderbag

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Pinewood® Dog Sport Shoulderbag
Pinewood® Dog Sport Shoulderbag
Pinewood® Dog Sport Shoulderbag
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Pinewood Dog Sport Shoulderbag

Spacious shoulder bag with wind and water repellent surface, perfect for birds, dummies, dog training and retrieving dogs’ activities. Easy to clean inside, and perfect to store wet and dirty items, for e.g., dummies. A durable bag, to use for dog sports, dog training and as a bird bag in the area hunting. The Pinewood® Dog Sports shoulder strap bag is thoughtfully designed to be durable and to keep birds and dummies in the bag until they are needed. Because of its water and dirt repellant inside you can easily clean it, store, and carry e.g., birds and dummies. There is also a holder for a water bottle or thermos in the main pocket. Under the flap there are also two separate pockets for extra storage. On the backside a smaller pocket with zipper, perfect for items you don´t want to store with the wet items, with easy access to.

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water repellent treatment
Great for both hunting and outdoors
Small outside zip pocket
Wind and water repellent coating
Badge in synthetic leather

Fabric:        100% POLYAMIDE
Contrast: TC-1200
65% Polyester
35% Cotton